The lip balm you’ll find it hard to break-up with

It’s not called ‘Honey Trap’ for no reason.

'Honey Trap' Lush lip balm

With the change in leaves comes a change in style, but when it comes to beauty products there are always those items that I use whatever the season – ‘Honey Trap’ Lush lip balm is one of them.

In celebration of the five years I’ve been smitten with this product, here are five reasons why you’ll want to add it to your go-to supply.

1. It’s a good value lip moisturiser that keeps your lips juicy, sans the lube quality or annoying stickiness – let’s just say a guy I once dated had a lot to say about his frustrations with the textures of women’s lip care.

If you’re on a night out and not feeling lipstick, or if locking lips is on the cards, ‘Honey Trap’ can be relied upon for keeping your lips looking as incredible as the balm’s sweet aroma. Vaseline is still King for me for every other part of the day, purely for its moisturising greatness – Lube lips or not, nothing keeps my pout in great shape for quite as long as the no frills product (although ‘Honey Trap’ does come very close).

2. It smells so incredible people will mistake it for perfume – no joke I’ve been stopped enough times and asked about its yummy scent.

3. Your lips will taste good (or so I’ve been told) – my verdict is it has the power to trick your senses into thinking it tastes as good as its sweet honey scent. Whilst the ingredients do include honey, vegan white chocolate, peppermint oil, oatmeal, almond oil and vanilla, it’s not edible. 

4. If the company behind the product is as important to you as the lip balm, you should know that Lush loves the planet and is against animal testing – read more on their awesome values here. 

5. It’s for men as much as for women – it’s actually thanks to an ex’s love of using this product that I discovered it. Our love affair didn’t last, but my love affair with this ‘powerhouse pot of mint-honey goodness’ did; it was too irresistible to be like ‘I just can’t use it anymore because it reminds me of him’ – OKAY, I did take a break from it for a little while (sshhhhhh). Basically, this is one lip balm you’ll find it hard to break up with. 

Who else is hooked?


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